Handmade Vintage Musicians Please Use Back Door Sign
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"Musicians Please Use Back Door" Sign

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Musicians Please Use Back Door sign, in cream on black, great gift for band members, drummers, etc.

This sign is based on this joke:

A musician dies and goes to heaven. Standing in line before St. Peter he hears the following. "Lawyer, hmm, down these steps here, quite a long way, till it gets warm. Physician, hey, come right in, second corridor, turn left. Politician, hmm, walk down this road, keep walking downwards till it gets hot." So the musician introduces himself and St Peter says; "Trumpeter, fine, just go round the side, follow the wall, through the car park, past the dustbins, up the steps to the back door"

The piece measures 9x20x0.25 inches, 500 grams.

  • Handmade, each sign is unique
  • Weathered/aged style
  • Screen printed/hand painted
  • Paint on plywood
  • Polyurethane top coat
  • Saw tooth hanger mounted on back

Vintage Sign Projects Est. 1998

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