Handmade Vintage Bear Chasing Man Into Tent Park Outdoors Icon Sign Set
Vintage Sign Projects

"Bear Chasing Man Into Tent" Park Icon Sign Set

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"Bear chasing man into tent" park icon sign, set of three, brown on turquoise, green and cream, in a national park/campground/outdoors style. A fun little decor piece for the cabin.
Each piece measures 6.5x6.5x0.25 inches, 130 grams, Total 390 grams
    • Handmade, each sign is unique
    • Weathered/aged style
    • Screen printed/hand painted
    • Paint on plywood
    • Polyurethane top coat
    • Predrilled 1/8 inch hole for hanging, or use an adhesive mounting product
    Vintage Sign Projects Est. 1998

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