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"Man Woman Bear" Park Camping Icon Sign

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"Man Woman Bear" park camping icon sign, brown on green in a national park/campground/outdoors style, great for the cabin, works well on a bathroom/restroom door.

  • 30 individual icon sign designs available, each available in 5 colors.
  • Make a variety of sets, ie. animals, outdoor activities, sports, colors, etc.
  • Put together scenes, ie. eat-sleep-ski, bear chasing man into tent, etc.

Each piece measures 6.5x6.5x0.25 inches, 130 grams.

  • Handmade, each sign is unique
  • Weathered/aged style
  • Screen printed/hand painted
  • Paint on plywood
  • Polyurethane top coat
  • Predrilled 1/8 inch hole for hanging, or use an adhesive mounting product
Vintage Sign Projects Est. 1998

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