Handmade The Simpsons Bottomless Pit Arrow Sign
Simpsons bottomless pit sign
Vintage Sign Projects

The Simpsons "Bottomless Pit" Sign

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The Simpsons "Bottomless Pit" sign, with arrows, in green on white, from The Simpsons, episode "Homer alone" season 3, episode 15. Hang in an outhouse, makes a great bathroom sign in general.

This piece measures 8.5x15x0.25 inches, approx. 380 grams.

  • Handmade, each sign is unique
  • Clean crisp look, minimal weathering
  • Screen printed/hand painted
  • Paint on plywood
  • Polyurethane top coat
  • Saw tooth hanger mounted on back

Vintage Sign Projects - Est. 1998

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